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Saint Dominic Savio School endeavours to keep up an atmosphere of Christ-like charity which asks of all, staff, students and parents, docility to the requirements of the good of the School and of each individual, mutual trust and the gift of self.

The parents have an important role in helping the child understand the necessity and the beauty of discipline. They will never go against the School’s educative action. If issues arise, they will speak simply of them to the teacher concerned, or to the principal, but they will be very discrete with their children and with the other parents. This condition is vital for the common good of the establishment.

The students who do not obey the School rules, who disrupt the school’s discipline or who refuse to work sufficiently will be sanctioned in the following way: extra lessons or homework, written warning in the discipline report, detention.     


Serious offences such as grave or continual disrespect to those in authority, indecent language, faults against purity, stealing, malicious damage to property and violence will be severely punished. After normal disciplinary measures have been exhausted, the parents will be notified and where deemed necessary, a temporary probation period will be imposed. The problem persisting, more serious action such as temporary suspension or expulsion will be envisaged.

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