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Enrolment Procedures


Step 1: 
Contact the school on (02) 9597 6956 to arrange an interview with the School Principal.


Step 2: 

Prior to the conclusion of the interview, the School Principal will inform you whether there is a place available for your child/children at the school.


Step 3: 

Once you have been informed that your child/children have been accepted into the school, it is requested that you read the School Handbook and the school’s Conditions of Entry.

You will then be given the following forms to complete and sign for each child accepted into the school:

• Application for Enrolment form
• Medical Information form
• Payment of Fees Contract
• General Permission Note
• Data Collection Form


Step 4: 

A refundable enrolment bond of $250 must be paid upon your child’s/children’s entry to the school.

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