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Student Health

If you have any doubt about your child’s health, it is wise to keep him/her at home. If a child becomes ill at school, parents are contacted and asked to come and collect the child. 


External treatment is given for cuts and bruises, but medication will not be administered to any child unless a signed letter by parents is given to the teacher. Some children attending school need medication to control illnesses such as asthma.

Under this circumstance the school may administer a medication. A request in writing should be made stating the name of the medication, the time it is to be taken and the dosage.


Under no circumstances should children be in possession of, or administer, their own medication at school. An exception may be for older children with asthma who are able to administer their own Ventolin puffers after consultation with the teacher.


The school follows the NSW Department of Health guidelines with respect to any contagious diseases including COVID-19, to mitigate the risk of any outbreaks at the school and to protect all students and staff. 


Keep your child at home if he or she has:

• A temperature over 38.3 C in the morning
• A severe cold
• Vomited or had loose bowel motions (diarrhoea)
• Conjunctivitis (until all discharge from the eyes has stopped)
• Bronchitis
• Unidentified rashes (unless cleared by a doctor)
• Head lice or Scabies
• COVID-19
• Any contagious disease (measles, German measles/rubella, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough).


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