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School Fees


School Fees for 1st Child                                      $1,400 per year

School Fees for the 2nd & Subsequent Children      $1,100 per year

A subject fee of $100 is included in the fees above and covers the equipment needed for special subjects, such as sport, craft, drama and cooking.

The school fees are divided over ten months from February to November and are invoiced on the 1st of each of these months. The fees are due on the 15th of each month.

Payment of school fees can be made by cash, cheque, bank deposit or direct transfer as stated on the invoice.

Study Hall & Late Collection Fee

A fee of $2 per day will be charged for students staying after school for study hall or for late school pick ups. Study hall is invoiced in advance each month.

Accident Protection Insurance

An insurance fee of $25 per child is included in the first invoice of the year. This insurance payment provides financial benefits to students and their family in the event of accidental injury. 

Uniform Purchases

Uniforms purchases are invoiced separately to school fees.

Book Packages

A book package fee for each child is added to the first school fees invoice of the year. This fee covers the cost of exercise and textbooks, book covers, educational materials and a photocopy and copyright fee. The book package fees are as follows:

                            Kindergarten     $160

                            Year 1              $180

                            Year 2              $190

                            Years 3-6          $220

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