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School Uniforms

Children are expected to wear the full school uniform at all times, to and from school.


The Sports uniform is only worn on the child’s class sport day each week.

The blazer is to be worn to and from school during the 2nd and 3rd Quarters, outside these quarters it is optional.


Jewellery must not be worn while in school uniform. Watches may be worn. Studs for pierced ears are permitted. Girls with pierced ears must wear earrings in both ears.


All personal items and clothing must be named. The school will not take responsibility for damages or loss of any personal possessions.


Boys’ hair should be clean, neat, short and of its natural colour and form. Gel is to be avoided. Girls’ hair should be clean and neat, of its natural colour and free from extremes of fashion. Shoulder length hair should be kept tied back with hair ribbons, headbands, scrunchies, clips etc. of the uniform colours, i.e. blue.


All children must wear the school play hat or cap, as it is an essential part of the school uniform during the 1st and 4th Quarters in order to protect the children from the sun. The rule regarding hats is ‘No hat, no play’ and no exception will be made. This head covering in the sun is a legal requirement.



Short nails are obligatory. Nail polish and rings are prohibited. Nails must be kept clean at all times.
Shoes must be regularly polished.
All of the school uniform items can be purchased from the school.

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